The best

Master Goldsmiths

in the World


The ability to craft gold into "Objet d'Art" is both rare and time consuming. 

Each Michel Perchin watch is made one at a time using over 40 years experience in traditional skills and the latest technology.

The dial, case and back are all crafted from 18kt. white gold.  With the addition of exqusite enameling and precious stone setting, this watch becomes a work of art.


Because our master goldsmith makes each watch individually, it severely limits the quantity as well as requiring a substantial production time.

Each piece takes four months to produce and an additional one month for assembly, calibration and testing.

Therefore we need five months from order time to delivery and will only be producing a total of five watches in white gold with ice blue enamel.


This assures you will be the proud owner of a rare and beautiful watch.

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